Enfp dating an entp

I'm not the best at explaining the difference, so here's a forum link with no warranties expressed or implied: didn't actually read that, so I hope it supports my point.) On the MBTI side, as an ENTP, Ti (introverted thinking) is my second function.

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But the ENTP's i know(and it's only two people.) do have a propensity to argue for the sake of arguing and be self destructive at times, they also tear my ideals to shreds and I find that very hard.

Because (as types) we are both so responsive to the other's emotional states, it seems that we cannot pull out of a death spiral once it's begun, whether we meant it to have begun or not.

However, I'm loathe to make blanket assessments based on 2 bad relationships. Definitely, definitely ENFP, I would go there with out a doubt, for an amazing bonding experience and someone who will likely understand you really well and the chance to develop a rare and special love.

My last passion was for an enfp, although of course it's not a magic recipe - I had a relation with another one and even though I appreciated his qualities a lot, the spark was just not there.

Apparently it works better if we have a common goal. I think I've never met a male entp, so I can't talk from experience.

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