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The first love story that I ever heard was that of my mother and father. Papi rode the streets of Tenares (my mother’s town in the Dominican Republic) on his motorcycle. 1) Allantoso Literally, “the flag.” This is the most popular dish in the Dominican Republic, due to how much it leaves anyone satisfied, and its low preparation cost.It’s made up of rice, with red beans in their sauce, and chicken or beef.The distinct language of the Dominican Republic is due to its indigenous , African, Spanish, and American influences.

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Many Dominicans from all over travel there to work.To learn more details about the accents of each region, enroll in Dominican Spanish 101.(free trial) It’s a complete course featuring audio and full transcripts of dialogues between native Spanish speakers from the Dominican Republic.For example, instead of saying “pegado” (stuck), a Dominican Spanish speaker would say “pega’o.” Related: Your Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Spanish Another feature of the Dominican accent shared with other Spanish speakers from (the Caribbean) is eliminating or aspirating the letter “s.” The common phrase “Que tengas un buen día” (Have a good day) sounds like “Que tenga’ un buen día.” Dominicans also have the habit of shortening common words and phrases. Each region has its own customs, accent, and expressions.The words “está” and “estás” generally just become “‘ta” in the Dominican Republic. The Eastern Region: El Este El Este is well known for its major provinces: La Romana, Higuey, and Punta Cana.

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