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Also learn how to use Fractionation to control, dominate, and seduce a woman.

- Learn the One Sentence Fractionation - Locational Fractionation using only body language - Conversational Fractionation to get great results like the experts - Five seduction scripts to attract a woman and get her to surrender to you - Downloadable Companion Guide on the ‘Rollercoaster’ storytelling technique Module 2: Three Preconditions What are the Preconditions and why they are crucial to your success?

Also, another bad point is that while there is a quick start section, the full course have a lot of videos and you'll need to devote some time to go through ALL of them in order to make them work for you. You must understand EVERYTHING to make even one routine work for you.

My Experience Using The Product In Real Life: Like I said, I'm a hypnosis nut, and I know what's legit when I see it.

There's absolutely no correlation between distinctivity and quality!

Still, there's a very specific need for this kind of product, and it's very niche-y indeed.

Requires work - it won't just magically get the woman you want.I won't compare him to Cialdini, but his concepts work rather well also in a generic setting (not just dating).The Bad: Relies too much on Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, and much less on being natural.Set your expectations right and you will reap the benefits.Not for aspiring "pickup artists" as it won't help you chat up a woman on the dance floor on a dingy club.

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