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It automatically switched between WWV's 5, 10, and 15 MHz frequencies to find the strongest signal as conditions changed through the day and year.It kept time during periods of poor reception with a quartz-crystal oscillator.Other broadcast services may include timekeeping information of varying accuracy within their signals.generally limited by uncertainties and variability in radio propagation.

RC clocks may include any feature available for a clock, such as alarm function, display of ambient temperature and humidity, broadcast radio reception, etc.

Digital television systems can equal GPS stratum 2 accuracy (with short term clock discipline) and stratum 1 (with long term clock discipline) provided the transmitter site (or network) supports that level of functionality.

RDS can send a clock signal with sub-second precision but with an accuracy no greater than 100 ms and with no indication of clock stratum.

GPS satellite navigation receivers also internally generate accurate time information from the satellite signals.

Dedicated GPS timing receivers are accurate to better than 1 microsecond; however, general-purpose or consumer grade GPS may have an offset of up to one second between the internally calculated time, which is much more accurate than 1 second, and the time displayed on the screen.

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