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These verbs mean to move about at random or without destination or purpose.

Wander and ramble stress the absence of a fixed course or goal: The professor wandered down the hall lost in thought.

Meander suggests leisurely wandering over an irregular or winding course: "He meandered to and fro ...

observing the manners and customs of Hillport society" (Arnold Bennett).

"They would go off together, rambling along the river" (John Galsworthy).

Roam and rove emphasize freedom of movement, often over a wide area: "Herds of horses and cattle roamed at will over the plain" (George W.

So throw off the Bowlines , sail away from the Safe Harbor . The Historic City Centre with the unique Saint Basil’s Cathedral , the Kremlin and the Red Square is a heady mix of Architecture & Power .

You will start in the fascinating capital of Russia - Moscow located on the Moskva River.

- Mark Twain We call it the Charming Wander Trip because this Russian Vacation is going to Charm you with its Beauty , Intrugue ,lavish Architecture , Grandeur and Culture . Petersburg in the West to the largest city in the Far East Vladivostok , all the way from Europe to the Pacific islands across Siberia spanning seven time zones .

The Kremlin and Red Square are one of the many world heritage sights in the city .

Moscow is also home to the Ostankino Tower which is the tallest free standing structure in Europe .

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