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To everyone following the series, I am honored to be part of your journey to find the right partner.I look forward to sharing future segments with you, connecting in one of my online relationship programs, or having a personalized Relationship Coaching session.If you have been successful at spotting unhealthy people before they created too much pain in your life, please share your wisdom in the comments’ section below or on my Facebook page.You can see the answer to many of my subscriber’s questions and be notified when I post new segments by signing up to receive my online news bulletin at Georgiana Spradling, Ph.Her e-book: “Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Partner: Learn to Detect Unhealthy Traits and Behaviors in Others” is available on the Amazon Kindle.You can subscribe to her videos on the undesirable sides of dating, committed relationships, separation and divorce on her You Tube Page. Georgiana coaches on the telephone, online or in her office in San Francisco (USA) and offers a FREE 25-minute Consultation.I suspect that it is because he does not want me to hear him say things that are not really true.

He is a very good talker and has a very charismatic personality, so people are drawn to him, but he seems to have trouble including me when he is having a conversation.

So, how do you There may be many reasons why John is the way he is, most of which are probably tied to his childhood experiences.

Keep in mind that selfishness is an ingrained trait that is very difficult to change.

When I told him that I should not be paying for my birthday present, he got upset, accused me of not wanting to share, and told me that he was offended by my high expectations.

In retrospect, I don’t remember any instance of him giving freely.

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