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They are so many people spread across 30 miles or so of San Diego county, you can certainly date.

After that it depends on what your looking for You have a vagina and a pulse. There's plenty of options out here, it all just varies on how you put yourself out there, what your expectations are and how picky you are. There's a lot of eligible people of all age groups in SD.

I'm 27 [F] thinking of moving to San Diego - I'm from Temecula originally but left for college and been in Miami the past 10-ish years. Think about living in north park, university heights, hillcrest or South Park vs downtown if you want to find people who aren't mostly into clubbing. Early 20 year olds don't get married as much here, but someone in their late 20s should be fine!

A lot of my friends from California are already settled down and married. Are the pickings slim for a late-20s female, and will it be difficult for me being single if I move back? Join social groups- vavi coed sports is a great way to meet people. You're going to encounter a lot of men that work in IT with lacking social skills, military who may not be staying in SD long, and men in non-white collar type jobs who are just trying to live the beach lifestyle.

From my experience as a 24 year old male, seems like dating apps are the go to.

The bar scene across San Diego is really big too and you can meet people there.

In fact, they may have escaped your own lips describing your last potential boyfriend/girlfriend, after they failed to do anything productive or romantic to actually keep you.I'd just change your location to San Diego and see what kind of people contact you. The official subreddit for San Diego California, "America's Finest City".Serving the whole of the San Diego community (including the counties) for the sharing of information, opinion and events to bring us closer together.We don't get married early here like they do in small towns.There's too many options and people can be choosey. I've been married for about 8 years now, however: I was at a Simple Plan concert with another married friend and than our single relatively good looking friend.

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