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The company was sold in 1974 to Lancaster Colony Corporation; after significant losses, Lancaster sold the company to Designer Accents, who found no success and closed the doors around 1990.The Blended Glaze era spanned through several years from the '20s through the '30s.

Van Briggle Pottery produced in 1905 can be found marked with a wider variety of Roman numerals including V, X, VV, and VX.Between 19, examples can also be found with an incised shape number in addition to the logo and date.Starting with the late teens and continuing into the early 1920s, Van Briggle Pottery that was not dated was typically marked with the logo and VAN BRIGGLE in either all caps or script.From the late '30s to the very early part of the '40s, these pieces were actually part of a product group called "Novelty Flower Holders and Planters".However, collectors have labeled them with the 'stretch' designation and they will no doubt be always referenced as such. There are seven shapes in the series, including Pony (Horse), Goat (Standing), Butting or Ramming Goat, Dog, Hound (Dachshund), Large Lion, and Small Lion.

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