Dating jealous guy

In truth, you cannot and shouldn’t control a person you love in any way. For starters, men think that if a woman is free she may reject, cheat or hurt them in some other way. In this way, men deprive women of liberty in order to stay safe.Moreover, you cannot love and control at the same time. When a man controls a woman, he makes himself responsible for anything that might happen. If you know he is looking at you, do a different project. If you do, hold eye contact for a quick second, then look away.

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He doesn’t like your party friends Pay attention to which of your friends he loves and which he obviously has some issues with.

Unfortunately, men like to possess women and demand submission. Perhaps, this is caused by historical and social reasons.

Nowadays, in the era of feminism with women being liberated from submission, a lot of men find themselves confused when they don’t get to have a woman all to themselves.

Men become possessive out of fear they might lose a woman.

However, even though paradoxically it proves they care and love women, rejecting women’s freedom shows that jealous men are egoistic and, in fact, love themselves and not their women. If a woman wants to be with another man, it means there’s no love present.

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