Dating hanabi hyuga

We didn't head to the Okonomiyaki shop, right away. It's nice to see you again." I said, bringing out the biggest smile I had. "Hanabi, you shouldn't laugh at Naruto," Hinata said, trying to defend me. We stopped by her house to get Hanabi, but as we arrived there, we were greeted by her dad. He kept glaring at me, especially when he saw me holding Hinata's hand. "Naruto," he said, nodding, "take care of my daughters. "And here comes the loving wife, protecting her beloved husband." Hanabi grinned, once again.

Depicted in both the anime and the manga, Hanabi starts off kissing Mugi Awaya because they are both replacements for the ones they truly love.Although both of them got rejected in the end, they did not start dating.Instead, they talked things out in the storage room and decided that despite the feelings they have for each other, they are going to search for real love.When we got to her house, I was practically trembling.She kept telling me that everything's is going to be alright and tried her best to calm me. I know that you, Naruto, have become a respectable man. When it turned night time, I began to leave their house, but before I could go. Hyuga appeared and said, "Don't make my daughter cry, Naruto.

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