Dating girl messed up family

It was this summer that I had also moved states away leaving all of my friends behind, not having my friends, home, and girlfriend sent me into a major depression.

Up until that point in my life, that had been the worst summer of my life.

I wasnt expecting to get back together or anything, but with the "I miss you" and you inviting me over, I'll admit a big part of me was hoping you were having second thoughts. Tell her how you feel so you don’t regret it this time! Then work on getting your life back on track and become independent from your parents.

Just thought I should get that off my chest."SEND THIS TO HER FIRST! That way you won't ever have to make the wrong choice again because of their judgement.

But I desperately need someone to talk to because as of right now I am completely alone.I didn't see it in my best interest to make them angry, so I hesitated to sign the lease with the girlfriend, looking back this is and always will be my biggest regret. There was no bad blood following it, however it lead my depression into the worst state it had ever reached.Shortly after this my girlfriend dumped me out of the blue, leaving me once again with no friends, no family (close by). As I am typing this, it has been around 2 and a half months since the breakup but I still cannot get over her. Because of unique circumstances I am having to live out of my car for a few weeks in order to finish up my last two weeks at my job here in the area.When I got to her apartment for the 2nd time last night we had small talk for a few minutes and she headed to bed. I work in a few hours so I thought her apartment would be better than my car so I am still here, alone. Thanks for those who read all the way, I have never felt more alone in my whole life.I am currently typing this on her sofa, looking around at all of her stuff is so weird. The cat I picked out for her doesn't even recognize me anymore, this apartment was supposed to be OURS. Truthfully, I feel so dumb that I even came over, I had false hopes and I was destroyed. Hopefully someone out there can relate to this and give advice or maybe this can help someone going through troubles in their relationship. I went to sleep and woke up to so many amazing, supportive answers. Honestly seeing you with another guy was total agony for me, and I would have slept much better in my car, but I still should thank you for the gesture.

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