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When he met my uncle he shook his hand, when he met his wife Sue, she automatically shook hand.

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If your Italian guy’s mom doesn’t like you, you’re in trouble!

Men generally shake hands with men they meet for the first time, but shake hands with women they meet for the first time (I even had a French guy push my hand away when I tried to shake hands with him! I started to explain that it’s not really our culture to kiss someone on the cheek the first time you meet them, and if we kiss you wait until you know the person a bit better… It’s not like I tried to put my tongue down her throat! So the moral of the story is kids: Prepare your French boyfriend for this odd ‘English speaker’ exchange where women shake men’s hands instead of kiss them…

) But what has this got to do with dating a French man? It started when my French boyfriend and I met my uncle and his wife in a pub in London.

This is when French people greet each other with two kisses – one on each cheek.

It is still very much ingrained in the French culture, it’s kinda like the equivalent of the English-speakers hug and becomes so natural French people don’t even think about it.

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