Dating disabilit jewish service

It’s now helmed by Shoshi Margolin, who participated in a relationship workshop with Rachel Kolette Wheeler.

The workshop changed her life, so she brought Wheeler to Inbar to develop programs when she was appointed executive director.

One of our clients, Anna, is a 97-year-old former 2nd grade school teacher with extreme hearing loss.

She has a live-in caregiver […] https:// Alpert JFS is excited to be one of the featured stories published in the NJHSA (Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies) Member Highlights e-newsletter for June 2019.

“We held a couple of styling events, where we brought many stylists who did make-up, hair and dressed our female members and a male member. One of the participants said it was the first time in her life she felt beautiful.” Other times, workshops focus on the nitty-gritty of interpersonal communication.“A personal mentor works with each participant on developing the ‘internal GPS’ and defining their individual path.Advice can be in sharpening the perspective on my own value, independence, priorities, [finding] the right partner, et cetera.Today, Inbar focuses on workshops, in addition to community and social events.The programming revolves around self-image, self-acceptance and identifying relationship goals.

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