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Following the top-down approach requires that spatial objects in the images be identified starting at the coarser level, and gradually to finer levels, according to the size of the objects of interest : wetlands, water bodies, mineral surfaces, forest, etc.

Generally 3 segmentation levels are required: The coarse levels allow toidentify large spatial ensembles.

The method was tested on 5 study sites : Radisson, lac Saint-Pierre, lac Saint-François (Appalachian), Grande-Plée-Bleue and Isle Verte.

The medium level is the refinement of the coarse level, primarily on « Potential Wetlands » class.However, for the third time in 10 years, an International Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Breeding and Winter Census was conducted throughout the species range in 2001. Regional trends suggest that since 1991, number of breeding birds increased on the Atlantic Coast by 78 % (2,920 birds; 12.4 % increase since 1996) and by 80 % in the Great Lakes (72 birds; 50 % increase since 1996). Subregional trends since 1991 reflect a 32.4 % decline in Prairie Canada (972 birds; 42.4 % decline since 1996), a 2.5 % decline in the U. northern Great Plains (1,981 birds; 24 % increase since 1996), 5.5 % decline in eastern Canada (481 birds; 14 % increase since 1996), although a 66.2 % increase on the U. They were all examined for external lesions and palpated to detect vertebral deformities.However, plovers declined 15 % (2,953 birds; 10 % decline since 1996) in Prairie Canada/U. Eels from Lakes Ontario, Saint-François and Saint-Pierre were mainly resident eels, while those from the Richelieu River and the St. Scratches all over the body were found only on eels from Kamouraska.Sets of rules are assigned to each class based on membership functions using spatial and spectral attributes such as mean, ratio, texture, shape, neighbourhood, etc.Misclassified objects are reassigned manually after the automated classification which requires approximately 15-20 % of processing time.

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