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These became the basis of their coinage denominations.Let’s start with the silver .) Measuring only four to five millimeters in diameter and weighing 0.08 to 0.12 grams, the little hemitetartemorion was the smallest Greek silver coin.470-450 BCE and described as having “exceptional metal and style” (CNG Auction 90, May 2012, Lot 589).For small silver coins, crystallization is another problem.Because electrum was so highly valued, most of the coins were smaller; thirds, sixths, twelfths, and twenty-fourths.The 1/24 stater, weighing about 0.57 grams and measuring only about six millimeters in diameter, could purchase a sheep or a bushel of grain (Linzalone).There are three ways a coin can be tiny: weight, dimension (diameter and thickness) and value.

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For comparison, the smallest coin the United States Mint has ever produced–the U. gold dollar, struck in several designs from 1849 to 1889–weighed 1.672 grams and measured 12.7 to 14.3 mm.

To find the tiniest ancients we have to go even further back in time, to the electrum coinage of Lydia and the Greek cities of Asia Minor.

Like most questions in classical numismatics, the dating of these coins is controversial, but of about 14 grams, worth three month’s salary for a mercenary.

To keep this in perspective, an aspirin tablet weighs 325 milligrams.

The practical Romans had little use for impractically tiny coins.

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