Dating a detective police officer

Do you chock all of them up to being a "work mistake?

" Or, since I live close to where it happened, Kelly Thomas being beaten to death.

The funny thing is Dad always remembers me but Mom can never quite place where she knows me from. I almost drowned trying to save a women who had already drowned. Swamp grass was caught in my duty belt and I remember thinking that I Fucked up and now I was going to drown.

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Racism clearly exist and it has a long disgraceful history in many professions including law enforcement. DWI was my pet peeve and accounted for many of my arrest.My agency has always used Fords and I grew up with the Crown Vic so I guess that would have to be my preference but the Dodge cars look cool. I don't feel weighted down by much but I don't ever feel like I have to do CPR again. I delivered a baby a few years ago and that was nice.I see her around town with her parents and it always makes me smile.Cops have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth because life really is one hell of a show but after a while I think there is a limit to how much misery someone should have to see.After 20 years, I'm assuming that you've got some funny stories under your belt? Regarding concealed carry I'm in the minority of cops on this one.

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