Cousin dating my ex

If you hope to solve this dilemma in the most copacetic way possible, then it will require some work on your part. Don't listen to hearsay or make assumptions based on what you hear from family members.

Ask your cousin how he has been describing or mentioning your new girlfriend to your family members.

There are a myriad of ways to do this - tactfully or out-right.

The point is that you should be hearing it directly from him.

She helped me through a very hard time in the 3 months after our break-up, and we ended up becoming a "thing" afterwards. The date that she went on my cousin at this point had happened over 12 months ago.

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Visit Stack Exchange Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills. Sign up to join this community My cousin once went on a date with a girl that I am currently dating.

you handle it will depend on your cousin and his personality.

Instead of asking him directly about it, you may need to discuss it privately with your family members and let them know that you don't want them to get the wrong idea, and that he may be holding onto some feelings.

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