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That rate is derived by taking the average of the interest rates on all federal loans and rounding the rate up to the nearest one-eighth of a percent.

Though this method will not lower the interest you pay on federal loans, it will keep open all repayment and forgiveness options.

Some lenders do make it possible to reduce the interest rate by making direct payments or by qualifying for a reduction by making on-time payments over an extended period of time.

Refinancing student loans is similar to the Direct Consolidation Loan program in that you bundle all your student loans into one loan and make a single monthly payment, but there are important differences that you should look at before making a decision.

That is a sizeable and unwelcome graduation gift so it’s important to know how to minimize the damage.

If the money you borrowed was all federal loans, you can find easier repayment options by applying for a Direct Consolidation Loan.

Here are more pros for the Direct Loan Consolidation program: If you have missed payments because you struggle keeping up with multiple loan servicers and multiple repayment dates, consolidation or refinancing is a valid choice.Keeping track of that kind of schedule is complicated and part of the reason so many have defaulted.It’s also why student loan consolidation is such an attractive solution.The low-interest, fixed-rate loans are in-place to provide supplemental funding for students with extraordinary financial aid needs for college. Ford Federal Direct Loans provide general assistance for low and middle-income applicants.Select, economically disadvantaged students are eligible for additional loans through the Perkins program.

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