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Devres agrees that the soundtrack (spun by DJ SPRKLBB) doesn’t necessarily stick to the genre.“I told him to pretend like it’s wedding cocktail music,” she joked and admitted that calling it Techno Speed Dating was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek move on her part.Click the listings below for more information and online bookings.For advance notice of future events please fill in your details below.“I just want to get all our friends together who are interested in more obscure music, because it can be hard to meet people with similar music taste, I found.I was using [techno] as a way to encompass the “community of people that are interested in dance music," she said.

During her 10-year relationship with Bryan Kasenic, co-founder of The Bunker, she assumed the role of official party host of the venue.

Every five minutes the co-host sounds a gong, signifying the end of the current conversation and time to scope out your next date.

Over the six or seven dates I went on throughout the night, the one piece of feedback that kept resurfacing was people’s surprise at the lack of techno.

Stop swiping and put your phones down because Kiss & Tell: Techno Speed Dating has landed.

If my social circle is any indication, the words ‘Techno Speed Dating’ sound like a nightmare scenario to half of you and the other half practically moved to Brooklyn for events like this.

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