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I frequently get questions from readers about the topic of Christian sex, so decided to do a series on healthy Christian sexuality.

I will add more posts to this page as they are published.

Here are some timeless tips for women and girls struggling with porn.

Christians and Homosexuality- Wondering what you can do about this growing issue?

Talking about sex may be awkward for us as Christians but the truth is, we NEED to discuss it and allow God’s word to be what informs our understanding.. From August to October 2018, we’ll add one new post on the topic right here on this page, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back each Monday! Check out the post where I share my shame story here.

So go ahead and inspire your marriage bed and get your questions answered below with this round up of resources and information on healthy Christian sexuality!

Christian Wife’s Guide to Better Sex- The topic of Christian sex is so biblically underdeveloped (yes, sex is in the Bible!

Long before I met my boyfriend, I went to counseling for years (because of the abuse) and now am a mental health professional.

Yet, I know from my professional background that in spite of all my healing, there are just some changes in my brain and my chemistry from childhood that just make me a more sexual person than I otherwise would have been.

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