Chinese zodiac rooster dating traits

For example, some find their mates and friends by looking for someone with the zodiac sign that is compatible with their own.They also use it to see whom they would get along with and work best with.Per the Chinese Astrology system, every 12 years a person encounters the birth sign.A lunar calendar is what defines this 12-year cycle.the author James Lendall Basford writes, “The stars dot out the plans of God.” Many of us look to the stars for personal definition.Zodiac Signs are a common reference for defining compatibility traits between lovers.

The timing of the Zodiac is one stemming from an older system wherein the number 12 was prominent. In fact, 12 years is one ji, like 12 months is a single day.Constellations and planets align in the right place; life seems spectacular!But, may the heavens help us when things don’t align right too!The importance of the zodiac to the Chinese culture is that the animal signs have been used in stories and folklore.These developed the different personality traits that were represented with each animal.

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