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We laid down all of the tracks live over the course of about eight days, and it was such a beautiful experience.It’s a nice reminder of your chops because you can’t quantize or tune or throw lights and mirrors up when you’re doing such raw stuff.In 2007, she contracted with Jian Ghomeshi, who acted as her manager until late 2014.Starting in early 2008, Lights toured cities in the Great Lakes region, in both Canada and the United States.She and Luke Mc Master are credited with composing "Perfect," sung in the role of Jude Harrison on the show by Alexz Johnson.In late 2006, she worked with Canadian photographer Marc Lostracco to film her first music video, "February Air," for a Sony promotion; however, Sony didn't confirm the deal, and the project was never completed.In 2009, Lights released her third single to Canadian radio stations called "Ice" with a homemade video released on her My Space.She also released a second video for "Ice" in Canada on November 10, 2009.

As the daughter of missionary parents, Welsh mother, Virginia Poxleitner and Canadian father of German and Austrian descent, Eric Poxleitner, she spent her childhood in many parts of the world, including the Philippines, Jamaica, Ontario, and British Columbia.Canadian synth star Lights has been recreating her albums as reimagined EPs following her 2009 debut “The Listening” with the aptly titled, “Acoustic.” The 28-year-old singer-songwriter — born Valerie Anne Poxleitner — is now on her third studio full-length, “Little Machines,” and is preparing to release its acoustic counterpart, “Midnight Machines” on April 8.Each of these acoustic EPs feature new renditions of songs off your most recent album, meaning you get a second shot with certain tracks while also incorporating new ones.I put a ton of resources into this one and it’s hard to even call it “acoustic” because it’s more of a “midnight spin.” It has late night vibes, and they almost feel like slightly drunken versions of the songs.I knew what I was going for sonically [when I got to the studio] and when the band and I pulled it together, it happened so quickly.

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