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As we mature, the natural crystalline lens in the eye expands, firms, and loses its ability to accommodate from distance to midrange to near vision.

This normal condition is known as presbyopia and develops in most people in between 40 and 60 years of age.

This is sometimes called pseudoaccommodation, but is actually real accommodation with an artificial lens.

The vaulting movement changes the focal point and may allow a patient to accommodate.

This accommodation may reduce the need for reading glasses, bifocals, or trifocals, and does not require any special exercise or thought process on the part of the patient.

Accommodation with a Crystalens is the same as accommodation with a natural lens.

This gives the central part of the IOL (the optic) the ability to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you.

This dynamic adjustment to the patient’s visual needs enables him to see clearly far, intermediate and near objects, thus minimizing the need for reading glasses after the operation.

In 2010, Bausch & Lomb introduced a newer generation called the Crystalens Aspheric Optic (AO), which improves contrast sensitivity and reduces higher order aberrations, thanks to its elongated shape. Unlike the ordinary IOLs, the Crystalens consists of the main body of the IOL (the optic) and two modified haptics having the shape of a flange or a wing.Unfortunately, this amazing property is lost gradually as we grow older. This condition resembles the normal physiological aging of the crystalline lens. At this age people start to lose some of their up-close vision and start wearing reading glasses to compensate for that.What are the presbyopia-correcting IOLs or the accommodating IOLs?Amongst the testimonials for the Crystalens are such as below: “I didn’t realize what I had been missing before I had my Crystalens surgery.The colors of everything are so much brighter and the improved sharpness and clarity of my vision are very noticeable,” This testimonial clarifies the deep impact that Crystalens accomplishes on the patient’s quality of life. The normal crystalline lens has the ability to change its shape and diameter to allow us to see perfectly far objects as well as near objects and anything in between.

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