Battlenet profile not updating

However if you don't know the exact battletag you can visit the semi official site Here you can just look for the player name whithout the #numberhere.

If you reload your data using a different character that isn’t eligible to go to Nazjatar yet, it will probably show that alt with your account-wide data (like pets or mounts), but it will still have problems importing character-specific data (like professions’ recipes) from your main and adding it to your total-across-all-characters info.

You can use the search field at the top right on the official site: Europe: US: What you need to do is search for the complete battletag there, i.e. This will let you look at their characters and items.

I tried to update my collection after catching a few 8.2 pets and now it says I only have 2 unique pets and 1 at max level.

We cannot access any accounts that are digitally connected to your Battletag.

You will have to manually enter your console username in the header search until we can verify console accounts. If you're a new player on a console then it may take up to 24 hours for your stats to start appearing.

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