Asian parents on interracial dating consensual dating meaning

How do I deal with father trying to slowly deconstruct our house?

He does nothing in his free time but play around collecting other people’s garbage. I’m 29, I live 3000 miles away from my mom and visited her at our relatives this weekend...between all her put downs that my job isn’t good enough, I have a small condo, I shouldn’t go to a brewery alone because I’m a girl (sorry I lived in NY so I have a lot of street smart), my hair looks like it’s thinning out, and the constant put downs I can’t stand being around her.

I am working 20 hours a week and I have trouble with paying for my rent and living expenses.

I have noticed that a lot of Asian students in my school are being financially supported by their parents more so than any other ethnic groups.

I am stereotyping but I am encountering a lot of these students being floated by their parents frequently.

He’s 58, been “funemployed” for 5 years now and I fucking hate him.

When my mom gets upset from repeatedly asking him to remove them he just yells at her.

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