Are gaz and charlotte from geordie shore dating funny emails internet dating

Paige later said she considers herself to be a female player and she doesn’t appreciate the double standards when it comes to men and women and sex.

She said: "It makes me, not angry, but I do wonder why girls can't be the same, why can't girls be players?

Despite saying just a few months into the relationship that he wanted to marry the pretty brunette, the pair split in May 2017 after he reportedly dumped her by TEXT.

Branding him a "selfish narcissist" on Twitter, she claimed he had repeatedly cheated on her and wrote: "A leopard never changes its spots and Gary will always be a selfish narcissist who cares about no one but his one night stands and himself." However, by June they were back together and trying to work things out.

Olivia took an immediate liking to Gaz and wanted to see for herself whether or not him and his 'parsnip' lived up to their reputations.

Unfortunately for her, while she did manage to bed him more than once, it was clear that that was all she was likely to get from him - especially when his exes started arriving.

Aussie bird Chrysten caused a world of trouble on EOTB when she revealed she was sleeping with Gaz every time he flew to Australia.

However, both remained on good terms as neither wanted a relationship with the other.

Despite never appearing that interested in pursuing a relationship together, Marnie and Gaz are two of Geordie Shore's top shaggers - so it was only a matter of time before they shared a bed.

At the time, Scotty T was interested in pursuing something more with Marnie, and he was left livid when he saw the pair head off together.

She praised Gaz's sex skills and called him "fit" in an interview following their encounter, and brushed off trolls who targeted her for splitting Gaz and Charlotte up.

Getting together in August 2016, Emma and Gaz's relationship did not get off to the best start.

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