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(2) The exemption of this paragraph (II)(a) will apply to the extent that an entity described in paragraph (II)(a)(1) of this note objects to its establishing, maintaining, providing, offering, or arranging (as applicable) coverage or payments for some or all contraceptive services, or for a plan, issuer, or third party administrator that provides or arranges such coverage or payments, based on its sincerely held moral convictions. These Guidelines do not provide for or support the requirement of coverage or payments for contraceptive services with respect to individuals who object as specified in this paragraph (II)(b), and nothing in § 147.130(a)(1)(iv), 26 CFR 54.9815–2713(a) (1)(iv), or .715-2713(a)(1)(iv) may be construed to prevent a willing health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage, and as applicable, a willing plan sponsor of a group health plan, from offering a separate policy, certificate or contract of insurance or a separate group health plan or benefit package option, to any individual who objects to coverage or payments for some or all contraceptive services based on sincerely held moral convictions. For the purposes of this note, reference to “contraceptive” services, benefits, or coverage includes contraceptive or sterilization items, procedures, or services, or related patient education or counseling, to the extent specified for purposes of these Guidelines.

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Such non-governmental plan sponsors include, but are not limited to, the following entities: (A) A church, an integrated auxiliary of a church, a convention or association of churches, or a religious order; (B) A nonprofit organization; (C) A closely held for-profit entity; (D) A for-profit entity that is not closely held; or (E) Any other non-governmental employer; (ii) An institution of higher education as defined in 20 U. In the case of student health insurance coverage, section (I) of this note is applicable in a manner comparable to its applicability to group health insurance coverage provided in connection with a group health plan established or maintained by a plan sponsor that is an employer, and references to “plan participants and beneficiaries” will be interpreted as references to student enrollees and their covered dependents; and (iii) A health insurance issuer offering group or individual insurance coverage to the extent the issuer objects as specified in paragraph (I)(a)(2) of this note.

Where a health insurance issuer providing group health insurance coverage is exempt under this paragraph (I)(a)(1)(iii), the plan remains subject to any requirement to provide coverage for contraceptive services under these Guidelines unless it is also exempt from that requirement. 1002 in its arrangement of student health insurance coverage, to the extent that institution objects as specified in paragraph (II)(a)(2) of this note.

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