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I have tried to delete the cache file without any difference. I have reinstalled and deleted all kind of preferences. The only remaining option is to format the computer and reinstall everything. Maybe when you open file, the DW will contact with the server and it takes time. You can disconnect to the server and do your job after that you will commit it soon. (as some tech bloggers mentioned apro DW CS6 speed issue)... Select radio buttons on author's site services test and under that you have "save" button which will deliver a reg file of your taste for speed not just of DW on your comp but for any demanding software you're running... My Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 frozed many times after pasting more than 800 row html code.

IMPORTANT: Service config (on site I provided you) which is first safe before "barebones config", I'm working with that config now. Then i right clicked Dreamweaver shortcut icon and disabled compability mode and it started to work properly.

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I am having problems with Dreamweaver hanging/freezes. There's a function you can set to automatically upload changed files to the remote server.

I have searched the entire internet now without finding an answer related to my problems. If you have that set to 'on' and Dreamweaver is having trouble connecting to the remote server, that could cause the delay.

This error is related to every newer version of Dreamweaver (CS5, CS6, CC). It's one of the advanced settings in the set up of the remote server.

I can write one line then wait 2 seconds and it starts to hang. It happens on every kind of file (php, css, html etc). bottom line, just do that and you'll become an euphoric user of DW...

You accomplish this in Excel by using the “Data Validation” feature.

I am using this editor only because of FTP, if I would find another editor with this option, I will give a try... Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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The recordset should contain only a single recordthe one to be updated.

Therefore, you must use a form or URL parameter to filter the recordset (see Section 21.1.3 for more on filtering).

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