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Most adults who face challenges with their ADHD find it most daunting in the workplace.

This is not to say it’s not an issue in other areas of their lives, but when you’re struggling to keep up at work, working long hours and suffering anxiety because you know you’re not delivering up to your potential, you rarely have the time or energy left over to worry about other areas of your life that might be falling apart.

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Every site's ranking is partly based on analysis of the sites that link to you.Several new series of ADDA Virtual Peer Support Groups and Virtual Workshops are getting underway in 2016.If you’d like to meet with other adults with ADHD without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home, ADDA Virtual Groups offer ADDA members the opportunity to connect with peers for support in a safe non-judgmental environment.Furthermore, you save time by filling out one form versus submitting to 20 search engines individually.The submission process may take up to a minute to complete.

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